A decade of extended stay in Europe

A leftfield launch

Sometimes a brand launch comes at you from leftfield, and a concept that you would never have considered comes to life before your eyes.

A decade of extended stay in Europe

Hoping for a V

It's not often that a press release from an industry body contains the word "dire" but the GBTA has been very candid when announcing the results of its latest flash poll of members.

A decade of extended stay in Europe

Do the best you can

Amid the mayhem that that the coronavirus outbreak is wreaking on hospitality, and all the distress it is causing around the world, it has been heartening to see individuals and companies doing the best they can under the circumstances - being honest, being realistic and being responsible.

A decade of extended stay in Europe

Co-living making the headlines

Co-living is making the headlines across the hospitality and real estate industry, and it is certainly having an affect on the way players in the serviced apartment sector are thinking.

A decade of extended stay in Europe

Supply and demand

Thanks to The Apartment Service for letting us have a sneak preview of the industry research within its GSAIR report. It’s encouraging to see that global inventory has risen by 14.75 per cent since the last report was published in June 2018.

A decade of extended stay in Europe

The way ahead

So, after two-and-a-half years of the UK's political system - and by extension the country as a whole - feeling like it has been wading through treacle, there is at last some clear ground ahead, although there is still much division over whether it is heading in the right direction.

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